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Value of Pac IT Pros

The Value of Pac IT Pros to Me

Pacific IT Professionals (Pac IT Pros) offers assistance and resources to the IT Professional community to promote and educate members on server and network technologies. Let me take a minute to tell you what Pac IT Pros means to me and how the organization has assisted me in my career as an IT Professional.

When I first started learning about server and network administration, I was taking classes with a Microsoft training partner.  As I gained confidence in server administration and learned about other products such as SQL and Exchange, I found I had questions the trainers could not answer.  I was referred to community web sites, but those turned out to be slow and cumbersome.  Worst of all, the answers were less then credible.  I realized what I needed was a support network of other IT Professionals; people I could get to know and respect.

I was introduced to Pac IT Pros just by chance.  At my first meeting I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  Here was a room full of people who were as passionate about technology as I was, and they all were talking about Windows servers, Exchange, SQL, troubleshooting network problems.  It was fantastic!

After attending meetings for a while, I realized the true value Pac IT Pros was providing.   Not only did they provide a “formal” discussion around a selected product and technology at every meeting, but more important were the “informal” conversations that happened before and after the meetings.  Those I found to be invaluable.  It was during these conversations I got a feel for the industry.  I not only heard about common problems IT Pros were having, I heard about solutions they’d worked out.  In other conversations, IT Pros talked about new products and technologies and ways they could do their job better.  I found these conversations intangible – something an internet search won’t find for you.  In less than an hour I was able to get more information than I had gained spending a week searching the web.  And best of all, the information was creditable.

Realizing the contribution this group was making to my career and the IT Pro community, I decided to take it to the next step and volunteered to help out.  I wanted to give something back to all the IT Pros who assisted me and asked for nothing in return.  I found the more I did to “help” the group the more valuable the group became.  On a personal level, I found my career advancing and my income increasing.  Call it good karma or good fortune, I can’t say.  What I can say is just how valuable Pac IT Pros has been for me and can be for you!

RK – A Pac IT Pros member and volunteer