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Pac IT Pros Presentations

TechDays Presentations
Rhonda Layfield – Deploy Windows 7 Using Microsoft’s FREE Deployment Tools 7/15/2011
Choosing the Right Deployment Tool

Pac IT Pros Presentations

2010-05-04 Med-V and App-V Overview Jeffery Asis – Microsoft
2010-05-04 LET intro-SFSB Week Jessica Efta – Microsoft
2010-03-02  What’s new in Compliance

#1 Doug Spindler – Intro to Win7 at MSFT-SF-2009-10-15
#2 Doug Spindler – Better-Together-Win7Server2008R2 at MSFT-SF-2009-10-15
#3 Doug Spindler Server 2008R2-P1 at MSFT-SF-2009-10-15
#4 Doug Spindler Server 2008R2-P2 at MSFT-SF-2009-10-15
Presentation 1-4 in PowerPoint 2007 (PPTX) in 1 zip file
#1-4 Doug Spindler Win7 Server 2008R2 MSFT-SF-2009-10-15 PPTX