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Written by admin
Monday, 17 March 2014 15:00
San Francisco, CA
Microsoft Office 
680 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Next SF meeting

Tuesday May 2, 2017


Can’t attend the meeting?  Many meeting are live streamed at

Los Angeles, CA
See meetup site for meeting location

Dates and times on MeetUp site RSVP at the MeetUp website
Sacramento, CA – PowerShell UG
See meetup site for meeting location

Dates and times on MeetUp site RSVP at the MeetUp website
Help us start meeting locations at:

April 4 – Introduction to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Administration for IT Pros

Written by Doug Spindler
Sunday, 19 March 2017 11:49


How much do in you know Azure Resource Manager (ARM) administration and SaaS, PaaS and IaaS?  As an IT Professional you have been managing and administrating on prem Microsoft servers, Active Directory, disk storages, the networks, firewalls and keep the environment safe and secure.  With the introduction of cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) you will need to learn a new set of skills and lean how to use a new tools for cloud Administration.  This month we will look at those skills and teach you how to do the tasks Microsoft’s Azure Cloud using Azure Resource Manager or ARM to do the tasks you’ve already been doing.

Azure Presentation        Link to download Azure IaaS Presentation
If you are new to Microsoft Azure or looking to get started using it, then this meeting is for you. Attendees at this can’t-miss event will get a comprehensive overview of Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, and learn from our experience in moving our clients’ servers to Azure.

What we’ll cover:
* The services Azure provides.
* ASM (old) vs ARM (new) – We’ll focus on ARM.
* How to create your first Azure virtual machine and its dependencies – Azure IaaS is your own virtual datacenter!
* Ways to back up your virtual machine with Azure.
* Real world “gotchas” we’ve experienced in moving our clients to Azure.
* Where we see Azure within 5 years and how this may affect your near-term hardware purchases.

About Intivix
Founded in 1996, Intivix is a trusted technology partner that is committed to supporting, protecting, mobilizing and improving IT systems and strategies for businesses in the Bay Area. We provide forward thinking cloud solutions, application development/integration, security, and IT support/planning services. We deploy and support Azure services for a range of different clients from small shops with cloud-only servers to larger clients with hybrid deployments.

February 24 TechDays: Training on Containers

Written by Doug Spindler
Friday, 13 January 2017 14:23

Pac IT Pros together with Learn iT! are proud to present TechDays: Training on Containers – Windows Server 2016 containers Docker containers. Whether you are a developer or devops, IT Manager you containers is where the IT is headed. This is a must know technology.

Docker has already revolutionized virtualization in areas of scalability, portability, and micro services with containers. In Server 2016 Microsoft introduced Windows Containers and supports Docker and Docker Containers.

Microservices and containers if the future of IT, come and see why.

Attend Pac IT Pros half-day workshop on Friday, February 24, 2017 at Microsoft’s reactor to learn Windows Containers and Docker.

. Overview
. Windows container architecture
. Creating containers
. Orchestration
. Networking and Security

Sponsored by Pacific IT Professionals, Learn iT!
Presenting will be Donis Marshal a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Press author.

Workshop hours:9 AM – 12 PM  Check-in begins at 8:30.  Microsoft’s Reactor 680 Folsom St San Francisco, CA 94107   (Between 2nd and 3rd Street.)
This event is open to all Pac IT members.  Not a member? Click on the link to join


Written by Doug Spindler
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 11:28

Start the New Year off right by learning how you can improve your company’s workflow. Sit down with Microsoft technical experts who will help you automate your most repetitive tasks through open source technology. Spend the afternoon with us coding side by side where we will show you how you could automate your build process, create a chat bot to answer frequently asked questions, or scale your existing app through Azure.

As part of the hackfest you will hear from the Microsoft Technical Evangelism team who will show you how, you could:

    • Build great bots that converse where your users are
    • Build an automated, continuous integration Jenkins pipeline to help get your applications to market faster
    • Build Docker containers and scale through Azure app services

1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Microsoft Reactor
680 Folsom  Suite 145
San Francisco, CA 94107

We’ll help implement your existing project or create a new one. Our goal is to help you with your project so you feel empowered to keep working to refine your scenarios at work. 

REMINDER: Bring your laptop and create a production ready prototype or proof of concept by the end of the day. An Azure subscription is required, we can help you get started with a free trial if needed. 

Sponsored by Microsoft Developer Experience & Evangelism Team

Dec 13 – Holiday Party and Lightning Talks

Written by Doug Spindler
Friday, 04 November 2016 12:50

Note the date, December 13 which is the second Tuesday
Festivities begin at 6:00 at Microsoft’s Reactor/Community Space at 680 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA.

RSVP to attend at _eid=236029924&https=on

Pac IT Pros members join your fellow IT Professionals and the members of other Bay Area IT groups for a holiday party and five 10 minute lightning talk on technology.

Nov 1 – Azure Workshop

Written by Doug Spindler
Monday, 31 October 2016 12:17

Bring your for more hands on training on Azure.

Oct 4 – News from Ignite @! This meeting will be at 555 California Street

Written by Doug Spindler
Thursday, 29 September 2016 17:56

October meeting will be at 555 California Street.  (This meeting only)  Building security requires RSVPing (see link above) to attend.

Meeting topic – News from Microsoft’s Ignite.  Did you get Windows 10 Anniversary edition?  How did the update go?

Sept 6 – GPG keys and local encryption

Written by Doug Spindler
Friday, 02 September 2016 14:54

In our next meeting, our presenter will be speaking about GPG keys and local encryption. He will go through the processes of using a Raspberry Pi with a true RNG in order to generate a GPG key pair, properly storing the keypair, generating subkeys to be used with multiple Yubikeys, and if time permits, he will show the benefits of the Unix local password manager “Pass”. He will be presenting slides, but you are more than welcome to bring a laptop and follow along.

Aug 2 – Tonight’s meeting/Docker training has been cancelled–Medical emergency Free Azure/Docker training – Learn how to virtualize virtual apps in Server 2016

Written by Doug Spindler
Wednesday, 06 July 2016 11:32

Bring your laptop and learn about Docker and the Microsoft/Docker partnership so you can build, ship, and run Windows and Linux distributed applications.  Our friends over at at Learn IT! will be providing the training so you can learn about Windows Server Containers and Docker so you can create virtualized virtual apps.

Docker for Windows workshop

Docker has finally arrived for Windows! With Windows Server 2016, Windows users finally have the ability to create containers natively. Docker containers are a disruptive technology redefining concepts of virtualization, deployment, and service oriented architecture. Docker is often described as a lightweight virtual machine (VM). But it so much more and the impact is enormous! Leave the seminar with an understanding of an important new technology innovation in Windows.

This will be covered in the seminar.

  • Brief introduction to Docker and Hyper-V Containers
  • How to create:
    o Docker terminology
    o Create container images
    o Execute containers
    o Orchestration
    o Use a Linux container
  • Walkthrough of Microservices

July 5 – Free hands-on Azure traning for Pac IT Pro memebers

Written by Doug Spindler
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 15:18

Starting in July at our regular Pac IT Pros meetings will be offering Azure training for IT Pros.  To participate bring a laptop.  You’ll need an free Azure account.  (Don’t know how to create an Azure account?  No problem come at 6:00 and will help you create an account.)  Every month we will cover a different Azure topic.

Topics covered will include
Creating a Servers in Azure.
Azure Active Directory
Azure AD Connect: Integrating your on-premises identities with Azure
Creating Storage blobs
Azure Networking
Azure tenants
Azure Hyper-V
Moving VM’s between Hyper-V and Windows Azure
Azure Site Recovery
Azure Container Service 

Feel free to make suggestions,

June 7 – Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Written by Doug Spindler
Tuesday, 07 June 2016 14:29

Join us as we discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  No new news from Microsoft since the release of TP5 last month.  In addition to discussing IoT and security of IoT devices and what that means to us as IT Pros this will be an open form meeting for you to discuss your IT topics and issues. 

May 3 – What’s new in Server 2016 TP5

Written by Doug Spindler
Monday, 02 May 2016 22:01

IT Pros, last week Microsoft released the fifth and final test-preview for Server 2016.  In this meeting we will take a look at the new features and functionally that’s in Server 2016.
Release date for Server 2016 should be in the next four of five months.

April 5 – A New Perspective on Patch Management

Written by Doug Spindler
Thursday, 17 March 2016 13:37

Join us for dinner at 6:00 as we discuss the cryptowall attack against St. Joseph Health System and ways to help prevent this and other cyber terrorism attacks against your users.  Isn’t it time we out smart the cyber criminals by making our computer systems harder to attack with minimal IT administration effort?  Join us as you learn how with Flexera’s Corporate Software Inspector.

clip_image001Corporate Software Inspector gives you the when, where, what and how of security patching. It tells you when a software vulnerability with an available patch is threatening your infrastructure, where it will have the most critical impact, what the right remediation strategy is and how to deploy it.

Corporate Software Inspector lets your team know what to patch for maximum impact and consistent risk reduction. You get complete visibility of your systems, stay current and reduce the cost of your patch process significantly. This new perspective on patch management, allows Corporate Software Inspector to support the entire Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle.

Corporate Software Inspector includes an authenticated internal software inventory scanner. It can assess the security patch status of more than 20,000 programs running on Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) platforms. Corporate Software Inspector delivers software patching, configuration tools and hundreds of pre-configured patches for non-Microsoft applications running on Windows platforms.

The seamless integration with Microsoft System Center and Windows Server Update Services for security patch management means you maximize your investment and manage patching of non-Microsoft products easily from within Microsoft System Center, using your existing infrastructure.

Corporate Software Inspector provides:

  • Verified intelligence
    Verified, accurate and timely intelligence from Secunia Research enables you to choose the best remediation strategy.
  • Inventory scanning
    Multi-platform software scanning correlates our vulnerability database with your infrastructure, for effective risk prioritization.
  • Reduce patch costs
    Includes hundreds of preconfigured software patches for easy deployment and covers 20,000+ programs – more non-Microsoft programs than anyone else.
  • Integration for deployment
    Corporate Software Inspector integrates seamlessly with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) for patch deployment.

Mar 1–What’s New from Microsoft

Written by Doug Spindler
Friday, 26 February 2016 17:15

Join us for a Microsoft What’s New From Microsoft meeting – Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 and Cloud/Azure.

This is a Microsoft sponsored meeting with free food and free giveaways.

Feb 2 – What does Microsoft mean when they say, If you are not running Windows 10 by July 2017 don’t expect patches or support anymore

Written by Doug Spindler
Monday, 01 February 2016 16:52

Meeting topic – What does Microsoft mean when they say, If you are not running Windows 10 by July 2017 don’t expect patches or support anymore.
There are a lot of details to Microsoft’s July 2017 deadline and it does not apply to all computers. But if you are working with corporate customers and you are buying new computers and exercise your downgrade to Windows 7 or 8.1 rights you might want to rethink what you are doing. It’s not only Microsoft, but the computer industry which is behind Mycroft’s support change announcement. Supporters include: Intel, Dell, HP, AMD, nVidia, and printer/peripheral manufactures.
Read this closely. If you purchase purchase computers with new CPUs and downgrade to Windows 7 or 8.1 and there’s a Windows update after July 2017 that computer which may have been working in June might not be working in August.

At tomorrow night’s meeting we will discuss why Microsoft and the computer industry is doing this to us. Is it a good thing or bad? Before passing judgment hear both sides of the story.

Microsoft and the computer industry is giving us a year and a half to upgrade customers and our environments to Windows.10. If this is something you want to avoid just don’t buy any new computers.

Jan. 5 – Windows 10 Activation, Dell Recovery Media, and how ad companies track you

Written by Doug Spindler
Sunday, 27 December 2015 15:30

First meeting of 2016 – Proposed topics include, Windows 10, How Windows OEM “automagic” Product Key activations worked in Windows 7/8/8.1.  Secure Boot, and UEFI.  Dell is sending out defective Windows 10 recovery media.  Live demo of Windows 10 product key extraction utilities.  Can’t read your Windows 7 OEM product label?  Does this mean you can’t upgrade to Windows 10?  And more.

Security news – If you don’t want to be tracked on the Internet DO NOT enter your email address on any web site or give it any company,  The secret of how they are legally not selling your email address and profiting from it.  (It’s about a dime.)  Once they don’t’ sell your email they then use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to track your mood and market to you.

Dec. 8 – Holiday party with the Azure and PowerShell professionals with Lightning Talks

Written by Doug Spindler
Monday, 30 November 2015 12:48

We are going to do a combined event with the Azure Meetup + Bay.NET + Pac IT Pros + PowerShell meetup for our holiday party. The date will be Tuesday, December 8th at 6:30 pm, with the talks starting between 6:45 and 7 pm.

To attend you must register to attend wershell-it-pro-f-tickets-19713528695

I’d like to have 5 lightning talks, each being no more than 10 minutes long.

Would any of you like to speak? That’s a pretty short amount of time, but long enough to spotlight something interesting you may have found or done.

Nov. 3 – Windows 10

Written by Doug Spindler
Tuesday, 03 November 2015 15:25

Meeting topic – Are you upgrading to Windows 10?


MVP Upgrade to Windows 10

Oct. 6 – Web Site Monitoring of Services

Written by Doug Spindler
Friday, 21 August 2015 18:52

Do you know how to setup a web server in IIS, but have always wondered how to setup a website in Linux? Have you always wanted to setup a web server, but you don’t want to use Windows and you don’t know where to start in Linux? Have you ever been interested in using the command line interface on Linux, but feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect? Or maybe you have been interested in doing cool projects with a Raspberry Pi or Linux in general, but you don’t know the best place to dive in. If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the session for you! Join me as we take a beginner’s approach to installing Ubuntu and building a web server.

Throughout this talk you will learn how to setup a Linux machine from scratch, install Apache and MySQL through the command line, configure a database, clone a GitHub repository, deploy a website, and create scheduled tasks. Together, we will walk through a demo where we will configure a website and database to monitor a Nest thermostat and create a live web graph of its continued performance.

Sept 1 – Presentations on Office 365, Server 2016 TP3 and Windows 10 over dinner

Written by Doug Spindler
Saturday, 08 August 2015 18:26

Microsoft’s providing dinner while we discuss Office 365, Windows 10 and the TP3 of Server 2016.

Aug 4 – Windows 10 has been released – Your thoughts

Written by Doug Spindler
Wednesday, 08 July 2015 15:51

Windows 10 was released last week.  What are your thought?  Found any new features you would like to share or complain about?